Sleep  & Stress

What to Expect

Sleep and stress related issues are detrimental to anyone life. Chiropractic treatment will allow the sympathetic nervous system to relax allowing your body to feel less stressed and or get more quality sleep.

Our Team

Dr. Bill has tailored treatment modalities that work with a wide variety of patients dealing with sleep and stress related issues. Every patient will be treated with individualistic treatments that work with the patients lifestyle to change the intensity and frequency of stress and sleep issues.

Did You Know

After a chiropractic adjustment hormones are released that allow the body to feel more relaxed and less hyper-attentive to external stimuli causing decreased sleep and increased stress. 

Physical and Emotional stress can both be decreased through chiropractic care.

What happens if i dont get treated?

Sleep is one of the most vitally important parts of being human that allows the body to regroup and reset for a new day.  After not sleeping for more than 24 hours reactions times are comparable to those who have ingested over the legal limit of alcohol before driving. 

Stress can lead to fat deposition, increased blood pressure and even altered movements to compensate for fatigue related to stress. 

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What can we do?

Chiropractic treatment of Sleep and Stress may consist but is not limited to the following;

Traditional (diversified) Chiropractic Adjustments

Flexion Distraction Techniques

Hot pack/Cold pack Therapies



Muscle Activation 

Lifestyle Changes