Shoulder Pain

What to Expect

The shoulder is a shallow complex joint and problems may present as many different things. Many times shoulder pain is referred pain from other areas of the shoulder complex that will present as lateral arm pain.

Our Team

Dr. Bill has tailored treatment modalities that work with a wide variety of patients dealing with Shoulder Pain. Every patient will be treated with individualistic treatments that work with the patients lifestyle to change the intensity and frequency of pain.

Did You Know

Many times shoulder pain is the result of improper shoulder bio-mechanics.

Unresolved cervical spine issues may only present as shoulder pain.

What happens if i dont get treated?

The human body has an incredible ability to adapt. This can be a good and bad thing. When an injury occurs, pain may only be present for a few weeks or months and may go away. This does not mean you're not injured anymore. What it means is that your body has edited the pain signals and bio-mechanics of your movement to compensate for the injury. This can lead to other areas of the body bearing the stress of injury and can lead to pain and degeneration of the joints in the future. 

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What can we do?

Chiropractic treatment of Shoulder Pain  may consist but is not limited to the following;

Traditional (diversified) Chiropractic Adjustments

Hot pack/Cold pack Therapies



Muscle Activation 

Lifestyle Changes