Our Techniques

At Mac Chiropractic we understand you may have an apprehension to treatment through traditional chiropractic care so we take great pride in offering various genial non-traditional ways of treating patients through chiropractic care. 

Each patient is unique in the way they react to specific types of  chiropractic treatment. Additionally, each condition and phase of healing requires a different level of chiropractic treatment. The following is a group of techniques that we can use to  help heal and resolve your pain. 

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A controlled high-velocity, low-amplitude impulse is used to adjust joints throughout the appendicular and axillary skeleton.  Diversified technique is the base of chiropractic adjusting. It is the technique that most patients will receive, because it it has a wide range of applications in the treatment of a musculoskeletal condition through chiropractic care.

Flexion Distraction

By using specially designed tables and protocols, we are able to gently adjust the lumbar spine by slowly bending forward and lengthening the spine. This technique is great for patients who are not able to be adjusted in a traditional diversified manner, or who are not comfortable with the traditional chiropractic adjustment.


Active Care

Home exercises, stretching, posture correction and sleeping-position modifications. Active Care is the patient performing activities, such as stretches or exercises to strengthen or activate muscles involved with the treatment of the patient's diagnosis. Additionally, the combination of postural connection the body will be able to maintain chiropractic adjustments.

Upper Cervical 

A portion of the brain stem and the majority of the nerves that send and receive information from the brain to control the body runs through the upper cervical spine. Stimulation of the proproceptors in the upper cervical region will help reset postural input to the brain, which will allow the body to better interpret the posture and position of joints. This input from the upper cervical spine is important in that it determines resting muscle tone for postural muscles.


The feet are the foundation of your body. Proper function and alignment of the muscles, ligaments and joints of the foot is a necessary for a healthy, functioning body. If the body has a foundation that is not performing with proper mechanics, the rest of the structure--particularly the spine--will compensate through altered movements and muscle tension to avoid painful movements. Painless movements do not necessarily mean that function is correct. Through the use of orthotics, we can correct the base that the body is on and restore proper function.

Manual Soft Tissue Manipulation

MSTM is a precise and therapeutic method of changing muscle tone in order to allow the muscle to function in a proper manner. The feeling of this technique is similar to a massage, but the intent is specific to the function of the muscle and joint(s) that it crosses.

What can we do for you?

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At Mac Chiropropractic we can help those suffering from pain related to the following:

Back Pain
Sports Injury

Personal Injury

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There are many chiropractic approaches that may be used to treat a patient. Each individual chiropractor will have a different way of assessing and treating a patient. There is handcrafted art that each chiropractor has developed through their years of practice. While each chiropractor has a different approach or style of art, the basics are all the same.  Unlike an artist, we cater solely to the patient and condition they are being treated for. The patient's tolerances are of the utmost importance and through using these techniques, we will do everything we can to resolve your musculoskeletal condition.  

"From the decision to attend chiropractic school, I made the goal to own my chiropractic office. The reasons are simple. I knew every chiropractor had a different style of adjusting and this made me realize that each found what type of adjusting allows them to perform an adjustment most effectively.  Knowing that I would have the ability to cater how I adjust most effectively and develop a practice around that. I learned this early on in my education so I paid specific attention to how I can most effectively adjust. I did this specifically for the comfort of the patient and effectiveness of the treatment." 

-Dr. Bill