Motor Vehicle Accidents

What to Expect

Moments after a motor vehicle accident the body has increased levels of adrenalin and pain may not be felt immediatly. This does not mean that you are not injured.

You may not feel pain until a few days after the accident, so it is important to get examined for any hiding injuries that can lead to pain in the future.

You may experience:

Headaches, back pain, vision changes, pin and needle sensations, change in bowel movements and much more!

Our Team

Dr. Bill is highly experienced in the treatment of MVA patients, paying particular attention to the comfort of the patient while providing effective modalities to heal the injured areas.

Did You Know

Lower speed accidents can cause more injury than high speed accidents becasue the energy in a lower speed accident gets translated to the individual and not into the car as it would in a high speed accident. 

What happens if i dont get treated?

The human body has an incredible ability to adapt. This can be a good and bad thing. When an injury occurs, pain may only be present for a few weeks or months and may go away. This does not mean you're not injured anymore. What it means is that your body has edited the pain signals and bio-mechanics of your movement to compensate for the injury. This can lead to other areas of the body bearing the stress of injury and can lead to pain and degeneration of the joints in the future. 

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What will treatment be like?

Treatment of MVA patients is individualistic and each patient has a different perception of pain and injury. Treatment will consist of adjustments and any other required modalities that will provide a positive input into the bio-mechanics of the body to allow the body to heal in a natural manor,  Throughout the course of treatment there will be good days and bad days depending on a variety of factors. This change in pain is a sign that the body is working to adapt back to normal bio-mechanical movement.