What to Expect

Headaches can greatly impact your ability to function on a daily basis. From not being able to function at work to light sensitivity, headaches are a big deal. the good news Mac Chiropractic can help with as little as one treatment!

Our Team

Dr. Bill has tailored treatment modalities that work with a wide variety of patients dealing with Headaches. Every patient will be treated with individualistic treatments that work with the patients lifestyle to change the intensity and frequency of pain.

Did You Know

Headaches can be casued by any of the following:

Muscle spasms

Spinal misalignment


Sleeping position


What happens if i dont get treated?

Headaches may resolve on their own but if you suffer from headaches in any capacity then Mac Chiropractic can help. If allowed to continue then headaches will continue if not get worse. Headaches are not a normal part of life, it is a warning from your body that there is something that is wrong in the body and it is important to identify and address the issue.

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What can we do?

Chiropractic treatment of Headaches may consist but is not limited to the following;

Traditional (diversified) Chiropractic Adjustments

Flexion Distraction Techniques

Hot pack/Cold pack Therapies



Muscle Activation 

Lifestyle Changes